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Aluminium joining for automotive applications

Karl Fahlström, Paul Janiak


Along the strive for lighter structures within the automotive industry aluminium has been shown to be of great interest due to the beneficial weight to strength ratio. Hang-on parts are suitable for this type of materials, although joining issues must be controlled accordingly. While laser welding aluminium hot cracks and porosity has been reported as common defects, although the proposed solutions for solving these problems are many; twin spot optics, correct wave length, filler material with proper Si-content.

In this project laser welding of AA5XXX and AA6XXX aluminium alloy thin sheets has been evaluated with shear tensile tests and visual inspection of cross-sections. Several phenomena occurred like hot cracking, small transverse cracking, “mushroom”- effect, blowouts, cavities in the interface between the sheets, porosity (thick oxide layers) and bad mixing of filler material and base metal. AA6016 seemed less sensitive to cracking in comparison with AC170PX, AA6060 and AF200, although no clear connection can be seen to the Sicontent. The combination of base material, filler material, wire feed and laser power was shown important to achieve good weld quality. Although according to the parameter studies done within this project, one parameter alone cannot control the cracking susceptibility. The choice of laser source has not shown any clear results, although the optics was important for the stability of the process. A short focal length gave a small tolerance to shifts in the z-direction.


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