Svetskommissionen är en teknisk branschorganisation för fogande industri. Vi jobbar med standardisering, forskning och utbildning. Svetskommissionens viktigaste uppgift är att verka för våra medlemmars intressen.

The Swedish Welding Commission

The Swedish Welding Commission is a nonprofit-making organization which works to support industrial companies, research institutes, government and other public agencies as well as other types of organizations. The primary objectives of the Commission is to promote the research and development of Swedish welding and cutting technology and standardization, education and information in the welding field.

The Commission has some 400 member companies. They represent a number of different industrial sectors: the engineering industry, the steel manufacturing industry, and manufacturers of products for welding and cutting. Thus, the Welding Commission represents and can draw on expertise from all of the major industrial sectors where welding plays a significant role. 

The main areas of activity

Research and development

The Swedish Welding Commission acts as a coordinator for research projects. The objective is to promote research and development in the fields of welding, thermal cutting, mechanical joining and adhesive bonding. Research projects are initiated on the basis of information received from experts in the Commission's working groups. The research work is conducted in co-operation with Swedish research institutes, companies and universities. Thanks to the Commission´s extensive knowledge base it is often called upon to act as a reference group for public agencies. 

The Commission also acts as an information bank for its members - it disseminates information about research results and ongoing projects within the EC and in other parts of the world. 


In co-operation with the Swedish Standards Institutiute (Sveriges institut för standarder), the Swedish Welding Commission is responsible for welding standardization. This work has increased in volume and importance over the last few years owing to harmonization in Europe. Today, almost all work in this field involves the European standardization committee, CEN, and the International Organization for Standardization, ISO and the International Institute of Welding, IIW. 

The Swedish Welding Commission has been involved in the preparation of standards for, among other things, the classification of welding consumables, the qualification of welders, welding procedure specifications and the quality requirements for welding. 

”Standards do not replace education, sound judgment and good engineering practice” - Mathias Lundin

Information and education

The Swedish Welding Commission publishes handbooks in various fields of welding technology. The handbooks are usually written by experts from one of the Commission's permanent working groups. A large number of courses and seminars are arranged each year by the Commission's different units. The Commission acts as a supervisor for the education, which follows the guidelines laid down by the European Welding Federation, EWF and the International Institute of Welding, IIW. 


The work of the Commission is performed by a large number of experts (>400 persons ) from the member companies and organizations. These experts possess the most up-to-date knowledge available in all fields of welding in Sweden. They are organized in 30 permanent working groups.

International contacts

It is essential for the Swedish welding industry to have close international contacts and to participate in international collaborative ventures. The Commission's membership in various international organizations helps to safeguard the interests of the Swedish industry.

The Swedish Welding Commission was one of the founders of the International Institute of Welding, IIW, which was established in 1948, and the Commission has played an active role in this organization ever since.

The work within the European Welding Federation, EWF, has yielded significant results, not least in the education of welding personnel. The Swedish Welding Commission is actively involved in the work of EWF- European Welding Federation, and is the member organization for Sweden.

For many years now, the Nordic countries of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden have had a close and fruitful co-operation in the fields of welding. A Nordic Welding Seminar is held every third year. 

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