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Optimised MIG/MAG welding of 3-6 mm sheet materials

Kjell-Arne Persson, Daniel Björkström and Eva Lindh-Ulmgren


MIG/MAG welding, at highest possible welding speed, of material with thicknesses in the range 3-6mm has been in focus for this study.

Different process variants have been evaluated including CMT (Cold Metal Transfer) from Fronius, coldArc and forceArc from EWM, SuperPulse from ESAB as well as more conventional spray and short arc welding processes.

A survey was performed to identify major differences between arc modes considering also different filler metals and shielding gases. Intelligence available in the power sources have been used as far as possible.

In general, new process variants did not result in possibilities to increase the welding speed as compared to conventional spray- and short arc processes. Further fine tuning of the welding parameters could possibly improve the results. In square butt joints however, varying gap widths are related to difficulties that will be even more accentuated at increased welding speeds.

Some of the new process variants have advantages that can be useful for specific applications. This could for example relate to improved arc stability or shape of penetration.

The low energy, often referred to as “cold” processes, are restricted by limited wire feed speed and are hence not well suited for high speed welding of 3-6mm thick materials.

One important aspect, when using modern power sources, is the understanding of how adjustable welding parameters act. Arc regulators act intelligent and it is not always that a change in a parameter setting leads to the expected result.


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