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Friction Stir Welding (FSW) of overlap joints in aluminium

Peter Nerman, Jacek Komenda, Lena Ryde


Friction Stir Welding (FSW) is a relatively new welding method, which has been developed and patented by The Welding Institute (TWI) in UK. Compared with conventional fusion welding methods FSW has shown excellent results with respect to mechanical strength and weld homogeneity especially for aluminium. Little is known however about the behaviour of overlap joints.

With this background a project with the title “FSW of overlap joints in aluminium" has been performed at the joining technology centre at SIMR. This project contained both practical welding trials and a literature review. This work deals however only with the practical welding trials. The literature review has been reported in a separate report.

The practical welding trials were performed with FSW in overlap joints in the five standard aluminium alloys, AA 5083, AA 5052, AA 6082, AA 7075 and AA 7020.

The weld homogeneity was investigated by X-ray. The mechanical strength of the welded joints was investigated by shear tensile testing. The metallurgical properties of the welded joints were investigated by a combination of conventional light optical microscopy (LOM), SEM and EBSP.

With a few exceptions the joints showed good homogeneity and mechanical strength.

The investigation of the metallurgical properties of the joints showed very interesting results, many of which were found to be unique for FSW-overlap joints. SEM and EBSP seemed to be appropriate techniques for evaluating the metallurgical properties in FSWjoints. It must be noticed that extremely fine-grained ( <5 ìm) structures were found in the weld nugget in all welds. The results from this work indicate however no strong correlation between the metallographic structure and the shear tensile strength of the FSW overlap joints.

Further work has also to be done in order to optimise the tool choice and process parameters in order to obtain the best possible mechanical strength of the joint and the most economical process.


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