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Fatigue properties of resistance spot welded and MAG plug welded joints - a comparison study

Dr. Olle Skrinjar


In the present work the difference between Resistance Spot Welded (RSW) specimens and repaired spot welds were tested to investigate if there are significant differences between the two configurations as fatigue life is considered. Materials used were Dogal600DP and Boron02.

During RSW process, which is very reliable, there is a small risk that the process produces some errors resulting in lack of fusion. Instead of refusing the entire component one can try to repair such bad spot weld. One simple and fast method to repair such spot weld is drilling a slightly larger hole (than the spot weld) and fill the hole with a MAG weld, here called Plug weld. RSW – spot weld Plug weld.

The fatigue life was tested in an ordinary hydraulic MTS machine with a Test Star control- and data collecting system.

The material, Dogal600DP and Boron02, was subjected to shear and peel load in different series and it was concluded that there was no statistical difference (95% confidence) between RSW joined materials and plug welded joints..


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